Build A Backless Counter Height Bar Stools

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Backless counter height bar stools – If lower legs in a single bar stool, you can transform it into a simple bedside table. By using additional pieces of stool table bar and restaurant, you can convert flat bar stools in a workstation for your kitchen. To make a workstation stools, a top plate bolted to a base table restaurant and a rectangular table is needed. You can find in a store restaurant.

Place a table restaurant 30-by-48-inch face down on the ground or on a work surface. Flip two backless counter height bar stools and place their seats at the table, centered on each end. Use a permanent marker to outline the seats at the bottom of the table. Center a top plate with a base bolts restaurant table at the top of the headquarters of the stool.

Make a pilot whole 1/2-inch hole in the center of each deposition in the place you marked previously. Center the best dishes at the bottom of the table in the middle of the ways that has enunciated with the marker. Make a pilot whole 1/2-inch at the bottom of the table in the places you just selected. Fasten the center of each top to the seat of the stool plate using a bolt flange 1/2-inch.

Flange bolts 8 Place in apertures in the corners of the top plates. When the stool is upright, the ends of the flange bolts must point upwards. Turn a stool upside down and align the ends of the pins with the guide holes drilled in the bottom of the tabletop. Use the flange bolts and ratchet wrench to secure the stool at the table. Connect the second backless counter height bar stools across the table with the same process.