Bar Height Folding Table Ideas

Perfect Bar Height Folding Table

Bar height folding table – Various table heights require different chair seat heights. To sit and eat or work comfortably at a table, the chair seat height should be about 10 to 12 inches shorter than the table-top height. If the chair is longer, table top gets too close to your knees; if it is lower, will tabletop feel as if it’s on the chin. Fortunately for consumers, furniture manufacturers standardized table heights and chair seat heights consistent with them.

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Chairs for bar height folding table eating and working area is approximately 40 – 42 inches from the floor. Bar-height chairs and podiums measure 29-30 inches from the floor, which is in line with the 10-to-12-inch rule of thumb. If the bar chair has armrests, make sure they are low enough to fit under the table instead of encountering it.

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But not as commonly used as a standard bar height folding table, extra long bar-height tables about 48 inches from the floor. Seat height that works for them is about 36-38 inches from the floor. Extra high tables and chairs can be hard to find. Look for them on a bar stool specialty stores and restaurant supply company, or try an online search.