Counter Height Swivel Stools Ideas

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Stylish Counter Height Swivel Stools

Counter height swivel stools – Adjustable counter height swivel stools and bar stools are often packaged in boxes marked “some assembly required.” The seats are left out and sometimes the legs to reduce package size for efficient shipping. Manufacturers often include hex wrench or necessary to mount a counter height swivel stools with all necessary hardware and pictorial instruction sheet.

Counter height swivel stools, Place the seat frame on the floor with the swivel plate down. Slide bolts at the top end of a leg of feces in the holes of the seat structure. Slide a flat washer, then a lock washer on the bolts that protrude through the plot. Turn the nuts on both bolts as far as possible by hand. Secure the other three legs to the seat frame in the same way. Place the round or rounded corner square separator between the four legs and align the holes in the spacer with the holes in the legs.

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Place the seat counter height swivel stools face down on the floor. Remove the screws from the seats of the bottom of the seat with a screwdriver if the manufacturer filled the seat. Rotating the turntable on the seat frame to a position that leaves the four holes visible from the bottom. Place the frame on the bottom of the seat and align the holes on the turntable with the holes in the seat. Slide lock washer, then a flat washer, in each of the screws and place one through each hole in the bottom of the rotating plate and the holes in the seat. Turn the counter height swivel stools upright and turn the seat to test the action of rotation.

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