Design And Ideas For Make Outdoor Bar Stool

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Outdoor bar stool – Imagine a beautiful, rustic wooden bar built next to your in-ground pool. And lined with four stylish, handmade wooden bar stools. If you like to have people over for a festive party, but do not have a place to seat them, worry no more. With a few tips and a little debris, you can make your own quality outdoor bar stools.

Measure the height of your bar to determine the height of your outdoor bar stool. Be sure there are between 9 and 13 inches between the bar and the seat of your stool. And then buy your firewood for your outdoor bar stools at any local lumber supply store. Buy four long, narrow pieces of wood for the legs of each seat and four additional smaller even thin pieces of wood to tighten and secure the legs of stools. These are so-call stretchers. Then sand the wood, making it smooth and ready for primer, stain or varnish. Sometimes if you are lucky, you can buy wood already ground, processed and available for use. And also use a router to make 2-inch-square cutouts in the four corners of the underside of the seat.

As a result, use the router to do the same 2-inch-square pieces cut, one in each leg. It does not matter where you place these cutouts on each leg, just that you do them in exactly the same place. AfterĀ built outdoor bar stool, you put a wooden bar between each leg to connect the four legs together. Glue each of the four legs in a square at the bottom of the seat. Glue a wooden bar between each leg, which connects the legs together. Can make a stretcher from the same type of wood. Or you can be smart and use wrought iron or other material.