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DIY Narrow Storage Cabinet Corner for Conserved Goods

Narrow Storage Cabinet – A narrow shelf corner cupboard is a perfect addition for a kitchen or pantry for storing conserved goods. Easy to build and generally unobtrusive, these narrow corner cabinets are possible to meet your needs, with multiple shelves to take advantage of limited space.

Tall Narrow Wooden Cabinet

Tall Narrow Wooden Cabinet

Design of corner cabinets requires taking several measures to ensure the size and placement of the finished cabinet is correct. Check if the walls are plumb. Lead walls mean that they come together at a constant angle from bottom to top. If there is any inconsistency, you will have to compensate that fact in your cabinet design. Instead of creating a cabinet with angles modification, create a cabinet that faced each other on the back with a backboard where the corner of the wall joins. The size of the squares in the back of the cabinet depends on how much the angle alters but should require no more than 2 to 3 inches.

12 Inspiration Gallery from DIY Narrow Storage Cabinet Corner for Conserved Goods

Image of: Tall Narrow Storage Cabinets
Image of: Tall Narrow Storage Cabinet
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Image of: Tall Narrow Linen Cabinets
Image of: Narrow Storage Cabinets For Small Spaces
Image of: Narrow Storage Cabinets Doors Shelves
Image of: Narrow Shelves For Small Spaces
Image of: Narrow Depth Storage Cabinet
Image of: Narrow Cabinets For Small Spaces
Image of: Long Narrow Cabinet
Image of: Cabinet For Narrow Spaces
Image of: Tall Narrow Wooden Cabinet
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To get an idea of the dimensions of your cabinet, create a paper template of the proposed cabinet and tape it to the walls. Modify the template as necessary to reach a final size with which you are satisfied and to mark any useful group that may be present in the required space. Use this template to calculate the size of the boards needed. Make sure the shelves are large enough for the number of goods you may want to memorize. The size of the shelf is largely dependent on the space available in your corner and the angle of the corner. Broader angles allow large shelves as sides of the cabinet more.

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