Mid Century Modern Desk For A Home Office

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Nice Mid Century Modern Desk

Mid century modern desk – building mid century modern desk for your home office is a simpler task than it sounds. You can create a desk, complete with storage for under. A tailored desktop is the perfect way to ensure that you have exactly the right amount of space you need, and since it is modular, you can quickly distinguish it move and then assemble it without compromising its strength. While this project takes about two days to complete, you will find that your new desk is robust, reliable and one of a kind.

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Make a mid century modern desk, lay a dust sheet in your workplace. Remove hardware, such as drawer handles, from your filing cabinet. Spray paint your hardware for a fresh finish. Remove drawers from your filing cabinet. Sand your filing cabinet for roughs it up so the paint will adhere. Sand a sheet of plywood 55 inches long, 20 inches long for a smooth finish, especially along the rough and sharp edges.

After that to make mid century modern desk, paint your filing cabinet with a roller. This should take two or three layers of a combination of latex paint and primer, depending on the color of the paint and the color of the housing. Paint your legs and plywood, which should take two coats each. Use a roll of plywood for a smooth finish. For the legs, paint with a brush along the grain in long, smooth strokes for a clean finish. Coat plywood and legs with a layer of polyurethane to seal the finish.

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